16 N 3rd ST

Philadelphia PA 19106

effective, evidence-based treatments 
specializing in
pain relief
headaches & migraines
stress, anxiety, & depression

Reach Your Peak

confidence in treatment

Using balance method acupuncture I am able to treat quickly and effectively. Most patients feel relief within seconds. Acupuncture is neurological medicine so you don't have to believe in it to see results. Your body responds to treatment, regardless.

Semi-private space

This gives me more time with you and allows for the dynamic flow that this type of practice requires. Every patient has different needs and this ensures everyone can receive the type of care they personally need at a price they can afford.

affordable & simple

initial intake and treatment $109

follow up treatment $59

Students and vets take $15 off all prices. Simple booking, charting, and payment. This is a paperless office, which streamlines my systems and gives you more time to relax.


If I could give a higher rating than 5 I would. This place and Jason are fantastic. The twice a week sessions have been transformative for a very serious traumatic injury and I saw mobility and pain improvement from the first treatment and it just keeps getting better. Walk, run, or in my case when I started hobble over to this amazing resource. You will not regret it.

-Flavia C.

I have been struggling with dyshidrodic eczema for over three years. I have been on oral and topical steroids with no improvements. Jason has literally performed a miracle. I am in the operating room daily and my hands have been raw and bleeding for three years. Since seeing him my hands have completely cleared up and I have not had any major outbreaks. My hands look normal, no longer intensely itch and are no longer a bloody mess. HE IS AMAZING. 

-Erin C.



16 N 3rd St

Philadelphia PA 19106

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