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Strengthen your entire foot and relieve tension by using toe spacers daily. These provide more space between your toes which allows for better blood flow and nerve health.

Our Favorite Options

massage balls/foot rollers

Using massage tools helps to break up painful trigger points and relax muscles. Looser, more elastic muscles = happier, healthier feet.

Our Favorite Options

natural shoewear

Regular sneakers are not designed with your foot health in mind. Unfortunately standard shoe companies like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, etc build their shoes in a way that weakens our feet and creates a world where we rely on their shoes and orthotic inserts for support. The reality is that our feet are built to be strong and resilient with a large powerful arch. Our toes are meant to spread out wide (like when we walk barefoot). How do we fix our weakened feet? One easy step is to start with shoes that have a wide toebox and a heel that isn't raised (zero drop).

Our Favorite Options

  • We do not currently have an exact model to share at the moment. When searching for shoes you should look for a 'natural toe box' and 'zero drop' or '0mm differential'. This will give you a shoe with a toe box for your toes to move around and the shoe will not have a heel raise. Brands we like that have these options are Altra, Lems, Vivobarefoot, Xero. There are many more if you search the term 'natural toe box sneaker' or 'zero drop sneakers'. Please email or text if you need guidance.

sole steps

SoleSteps® are engineered to relieve the daily stress your body encounters from walking, standing, and exercising using four key points. These four key points create a unique slope and combination of angles that provide full foot support allowing you to build strength in your feet to counter foot collapse. The unique slope of the SoleSteps® encourages your body to bear its weight towards the outer front section of the foot without losing balance and security of the full foot. 


mcgill big Three

In his years of studying the spine, Dr. McGill has found there to be three specific exercises that most efficiently address all of these areas without placing excessive stresses on the parts of the back that may be aggravated or irritated due to injury. This group of exercises has famously become known as ‘The Big 3.’

couch stretch

It is imperative to release the hip flexors to fully relieve low back tension and pain. Try this stretch at home daily or every other day to open up the front of your hips and give you low back a break!

lats stretch

It is imperative to release the latissimus dorsi muscles to relieve upper back tension and pain. Watch this video to learn some great techniques. Releasing the lats is also crucial for some shoulder pain cases!


controlled articular rotations

Controlled articular rotations (CARs) are one of the best way to mobilize your joints!

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